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question for Ricktendo Sir


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sir i am new to this site.

I download your MCE english version whose size is 165 MB.

Sir i integrate it with nlite and also try with ryan integrator to xp pro but after installation of window there is no mce and all the other mce components like dance, themes etc. are not found.

Only system properties show that it is mce.

The integration sequence is given below -

1. Slipstream wmp 11 with slipstreamer

2. Make window gui attended and integration of my desktop driver with nlite.

(all the next steps are integrated with ryan integrator)

3. Dot net frame work v1.1, v2,3,3.5 and then v4

4. Sndvol32.exe addon, screen saver addon, ie 8 addon

and few themes addons.

Sir please solve my problem

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yes, i am using RVM integrater version.

Yes it is an mce addon.

It is your mce addon the link is give below-


and the another problem is that windows add or remove component do not show any .net framework v1.1

it show only v2, v3, v3.5 and v4 of .net framework

sir please can you give me the link of WMP11 addon.

And my another request to you sir please tell me the sequence of integration of addons which i post earlier in my problem.

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sir can i use the below addon for WMP11, it is also made by you


sir i do not understand what do you mean by update pack ?

I have many miss understanding about integration.

To get rid from these miss understandiings i register here.

The .net framework addon are onepiece addon.

I have separate for v1.1.

combination of v2,v3 and v3.5.

Separate update pack for v3.5.

And also separate for v4.

All are one piece addons.

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oh yes, actually i install xp mce using one piece addon of v1.1 three times it do not copy all the files of xp and the time remaining for installation of window suddenly jumps from 25 minutes to 18 minutes.

I am using english language.

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installation of window suddenly jumps from 25 minutes to 18 minutes.

If thats the case you have an addon that's causing that

My suggestions: use a updatepack, use a wmp11 addon, use a svcpack type installer for your .net frameworks (v1.1 and the rest) and use nLite for everything...and if you remove components with nLite do it all in one pass, multiple passes screws things up

And while you are at it why not use a IE8 addon

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sir i have also an doubt about update pack.

I already download an onepiece post xp sp3 pack v7.3.0 from the below link. Its size 226 MB


sir you also provide me an update pack link which of just 58 MB.

Sir i want to know the difference between these two update packs.

And the second doubt is that

can i integrate onepiece update pack with mce in nlite?

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thank you sir.

I have another question for you-

i make an xp sp3 disc few months ago.

Its integration (with nlite) part is given below in steps-

1. I have clean copy of xp sp2,

i integrate sp3 update pack. (now exit nlite)

2. Slipstream wmp11 with slipstreamer.

3. Now again with nlite- onepiece addon of .net framework v2, 3, 3.5 and 4

vista drive icons, ie 8, free fire screen saver

4. Integrate my desktop drivers.

5. I remove chinese languages and some other languages (just of 3 or 4 mb in size).

The problem is that when i insert this disc for installation it does not show any option for formatting the window installation drive(c drive).

It behave like an recovery cd.

For formatting the drive i have to insert my win7 dvd.

Now when i again insert this xp cd it shows the option for formatting the drive but the drive is already formatted by me by using win 7 dvd.

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sir one thing i noted is that i integrate your mce with ryanvm integrater two times.

1. First time with one piece .net framework v2,3,3.5 and v4, i got all the things (dancer, themes etc.) but media center not start due to the efficiency of .net framework v1.1.

At that time i have installation setup for v1.1

2. Second time i have .net framework v1.1 but it has an error.

The error was about thread i will tell you tommor about this ( sorry )

Now 3rd time i integrate as you ask me to integrate with nlite. But the problem is same as i told you in the starting of this topic

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ok, sir thank you very much for the help.

I do not disturb you further.

But tell me

is .net framework v2,3 and 4 required for mce.

And my second request is-

please can you give me a download link for the software or tool which is able to make window setup bootable from usb.

Also support xp and xp mce

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also 3 more question for you.

3. any another software (not nlite) for slipstreaming service pack 3 in xp sp2.

4. Is your mce addon also support xp sp2.

5. What is the meaning of fully automated in nlite.

Please all these five questions (2 in the above post and 3 inside this post )

thank you

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I think you only need 1.1

I dont use USB for XP install, I use DVD

The service pack can integrate itself

Never tried my MCE on sp2

Means you dont have to enter any choices during install, if you fill the forms out correctly

The problem with your installs is due to a bad INF addon, when it jumps from 25 to 18 minutes is because a INF could not find the file specified because it was deleted or not copied to the disk

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the error occure when for mce is-

name of the error window-'ehshell.exe- strong name validation failed'

error message-'strong name validation failed for assembly 'c:\windows\ehome\ehshell.exe'. The file may have been tampered with or it was partially signed but not fully signed with correct private key.

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