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Stripping WMP to core files for WMC


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I was wondering if anyone knew or would be able to assist in helping me figure out which wmp files are required to have wmc working, and what can be removed.

bare in mind alternative codec packs will be installed such as KLM/VLC



I'm thinking that possible just the dll files are required?

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I'm not sure if this would be a good idea, cause the chance to break several things are high.

U will be able to remove wmp, but as soon as the system try to update anything related to it, it might not be able to, due to missing files, causing a loop in windows update.

The best way to test it:

Have a not updated windows 8.1 source with wmc installed.( which i don't have at the moment)

Try to remove wmp in the windows applications and resources(not sure the name in english, i use the portuguese version), inside control panel.

If u don't get any kind of warnings it should work and then u will be fine.


If that breaks windows media center, u can try the following method:

Do a system scan with "regshot" or any similar app that will allow u to compare ur system.

disable wmp.

Take another shot and compare.

enable wmp

remove(but backup) manually the files that were modified when u had disabled it.

test wmc,

when u start wmc u will probably get some error due to missing files, now we may have the hard job, start to place the removed files as u get errors.

Most errors related to missing files will give hints about the missing file, so it won't be a big trouble.

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