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New Design v1.4.30


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1) Rename "About" to "Changelog"

2) {No Key} Should be on the "Exclusive Iso's" screen as that would make sense what the key is for, else one would think their version may have reduced functionality or something

3) The version no isn't needed now that you've got it showing on the main screen

4) Suggestion: Your "created by" part:

  a) maybe have it on the main part "Win ToolKit by Legolash2o"

  b ) it's also repeated in the donate section so not sure if needed here too.

Alternatively maybe in the disclaimer section be like:

I (Legolash2o) created this software for the reasons of ...blah blah, by using this tool you agree to be using it at your own risk and are solely responsible for any damages error, blah blah"





1) an option to save paths for folders such as where to open to when selecting an iso (since many would have iso's sitting on their system in a specific place) just saves a bit of time navigating.





1) I don't think the EXE parts should be there on the IE browsers to bring inline with the others





1) Hint section "Main>" needs to be removed

2) Remove "latest" since were' encompassing win 7-8.1 to any other future versions?

3) Windows iso section, change it to "Under Downloads>Windows Isos"

4) Remove the info about windows 7 "...the windows 7 sp1 iso free and legally ....." as this will be on the "Windows Isos" screen

5) Change: It is recommended to use the latest Windows iso for which ever windows version you have








Also something is needed on the icons to notify which ones open to a web browser and which don't, something like the short cut arrow on a shortcut, maybe a little globe?

Edited by Legolash2o
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