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Change boot animation

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Hi i want change boot animation in windows 7


i have 3 file 





in install.bat i have this comand  "Win7BootUpdaterCmd boot.bs7"


i have put this 3 file in scripts folder


and now?




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if you are reffering to "%WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts" in your wim file, this would not work. but if you add your command to a batch called "SetupComplete.cmd" instead, your command would be executed before first login :)

@echo offREM change the windows boot screenstart "" /w "%~dp0win7bootupdatercmd.exe" boot.bs7REM delete working filesdel /f /q "%~dp0win7bootupdatercmd.exe"del /f /q "%~dp0boot.bs7"REM delete old source filesdel /f /q /a "c:\bootmgr~1"del /f /q "%systemroot%\system32\bootres~1.dll"del /f /q "%systemroot%\system32\winload~1.exe"del /f /q "%systemroot%\system32\winresume~1.exe"del /f /q "%systemroot%\system32\en-us\winload.exe~1.mui"del /f /q "%systemroot%\system32\en-us\winresume.exe~1.mui"exit

change the drive letter in; del /f /q /a "c:\bootmgr~1" to the drive letter of your active bcd disk

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 I have Other.exe and bootupdater.exe.

How I can run both them SetupComplete.cmd, but i want to run bootupdater.exe first with out any user prompt then loader.

for only Other.exe here is my setupcomplete.cmd:

@ECHO OFF%~dp0"Other.exe" /silent /preactivatecd %~dp0attrib -R -A -S -H *.*SHUTDOWN /R /T 5RMDIR /S /Q "%WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts"exit

Edit: post edited after warning.

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