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Animated shutdown boxes


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I made the Boxes for a member of the MSFN forum, if someone is interested,Downloadlink is HERE.The Zip File contains Replacer, Comression Bin, Net Framework 2, Makecab and Modyfype.



msgina.dll is for XP Prof. SP 2 File version 5.1.2600.2180

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Thanks for links. What about the gif image properties, that we can use for that dialog? That can give us an opportunity to create an auto addon maker IMO.

Hi, Mr`X

First of all, these are AVIs, not GIFs.

Here is a tut how to make animated boxes,

so that you have a picture of it, how it works.

Make a copy of msgina.dll.Open the copy of msgina with resourcehacker.

Go to Dialog--->String 20100---->1033 and open it.


In the small dialogbox move the controls(left doubleclick and move) of stand by,turn off and restart,and the text above, up and down.


Should look like the next pic:


Now rightclick in the empty space. A popup window will appear.


Select "Insert Control"and rightclick on it.

In the next popup window(Control editor)) select "Sysanimate"


At the left side check ACS Transparent,ACS Autoplay,WS Visible,WS Child and hit OK.


In the Control tab appears a new Control.

Look like this:

CONTROL "", 0, "SysAnimate32", ACS_TRANSPARENT | ACS_AUTOPLAY | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 57, 42, 60, 60

Now look at this Control:

CONTROL "#1", 20100, "SysAnimate32", ACS_TRANSPARENT | ACS_AUTOPLAY | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 65535, 29, 207, 65

Your new Control should look exact as the Control above excluded "65535, 29, 207, 65"

This is the size and the position of the AVI that you put in. We return to this later.

Comtrol "#1" should be the name of your AVI that you put in.You can put any name instead of 1.("#MyWife" or whatewer you want).

"20100" is the number of the Control.In the Controls tab, each control have a number.

The number of your new control should be the nearest or the latest of the numbers on Controls, eg. when the first control number is 20101, yours should be 20100,or when the last number is 20109,yours should be 20110.

OK,Modify your new Control and hit Compile Script,close the Dialogs.

Click on AVI,than on Action--Ad a new resource.


In the next popup window hit "Open file with new resource and point it to your AVI.


Hit "Add resource",close AVI dialog,go back to Dialog,open 20100--1033 and fix the size of yor AVI.Hit compile script.close Resourcehacker and save changes.Replace the original msgina.dll with the hacked one and restart computer.

About Properties

The dimensions of the AVI are 284 x 115

The position of the Avi in Dialog 20100 is 18, 27, 159, 52


By rightclicking on the field, and dragging it around, you can change the position of the AVI.

It should look in such a way:

CONTROL "#1", 20100, "SysAnimate32", ACS_TRANSPARENT | ACS_AUTOPLAY | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 18, 27, 159, 52

And that it is the result:


In most cases the size and the position of the AVI must be corrected.( See below )


In this case dimensions of the AVI are 304 x 114 and the position is 3,27,158,52

The result:


I hope that helps you.

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Hi cro-man, your work is fab. have followed your tutorial but get driver not installed on your system after the AVI entry is made. Can you give direction as to where I'm going wrong.I've resized a vista dreamscene file & converted to avi without success. Tried to download your files also, but since it's been so long when posted they are no longer available. Thanks for any help.

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