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  1. thanks cc10, vey helpful, had a bunch of new flash drives that were not formattable. This worked a treat, now have working flash drives. :thumbsup_anim:
  2. Great job on the files Jatin, keep up the great work. This is beyond my capabilities so just offering support. :thumbsup_anim:
  3. Red for deleting items is a great idea so you know the difference on screen. Looks great.
  4. Hi Ricktendo64, your tutorials are great & your knowledge of infs is astounding. Just wondering if it's possible to make an office 2007 addon in the same manner that you demonstrate in the videos with imgburn. I am about to give it a try even though it has been done before as it is for my own xp install CD. Thanks for all the information you make available.
  5. Hi MANIKANT, your bootscreens look amazing. I downloaded aurora bootscreen & followed your instructions for install, but I still get windows original bootscreen on startup. Any ideas. Keepup the great work.
  6. You're doing an amazing job. Looking forward to the completed product. Keep up the great work
  7. Thanx bober, are you able to explain the avi sizes & position more clearer.
  8. Hi cro-man, your work is fab. have followed your tutorial but get driver not installed on your system after the AVI entry is made. Can you give direction as to where I'm going wrong.I've resized a vista dreamscene file & converted to avi without success. Tried to download your files also, but since it's been so long when posted they are no longer available. Thanks for any help.
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