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Exception Handling Improvements [Stage #2]


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Following on from the first report. In decided to rewrite the entire error logging system due to many problems with the old version. Here are some of the new benefits:

  • Each type of error has their own unique ID so that they are group together and easier to manage
  • Logs can now contain foreign characters so most of the non-english computers have the most issues.
  • You get a balloon popup when a log has been saved and uploaded. Which you can click to view.
  • Shows the user much more error information. The exception errors are in the users' own language.
  • Much simpler and easier to manage code.
  • Different types of errors which help prioritize errors

Before I describe what stage 2 is. I will give details of the types of messages.


  • Large Errors

Large errors are the ones you will hopefully not see. This are the boxes which give you the option to view more details and the entire exception information.

  • Small Errors

These don't produce an error box, they just upload straight to the server. Mostly used in integration so that the process doesn't pause and wait for the user to click OK.

  • Unhandled Exceptions

Basically anything I haven't put in a Try-Catch statement. These are the big ones which I usually try and fix ASAP.

  • Test Error

These are for me and just uploads an example test log to the server for me to check if it's working. Click here to view a log file sample. 


  • Legacy Errors

These are the errors which still use the old code. Although they use the latest code to save and upload (to support foreign characters). They are unfortunately crap in regards to detail. This is where stage 2 comes in.


Stage 2:

Stage to is to manually go update all the calls to the old writelog method and update it to the new one. These will take a while :( Moving onto the new system will allow you to view as much information as possible in a neat format whilst allow me to fix bugs :)

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