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error installation 0x8000001


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Hello everyone My problem is that after adding Hebrew language, Hebrew language I choose during installation then after deploying the file I get the following fault :  windows could not see the offline locate information error code 0x8000001

i install windows 7 64 bit english version and add hebrew with win toolkit .

someone can help me please 

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Hi. Please test with this versions. These are the versions (that I kept on my computer) between the bug appeared.

The last that worked OK for me was https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B53xcf_9LkclRFNuWWM3Xy1LRjQ/edit

The first that has the problem was https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B53xcf_9LkclQ2hJTXFsaG1hRWs/edit

By testing this we could narrow down (as much as we can) for Lego to where to look for changes.

As I mentioned the problem that I had was fixed with the current version but seems that other things are still happening there.

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yessss i now what was my problem :)   i use win toolkit v 


I downloaded the file X17-58997.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x64 English, and i chose in win toolkit  the version of the windows 7 ultimate  That's the problem!!!


When I downloaded the file X17-59465.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x64 English, meaning 
The original file of the Ultimate, everything worked great, the conclusion is :  must use the disc windows 7 Ultimate Original, and to chose in win toolkit windows 7 ultimate,otherwise it will not work :)


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Any original ISO contain all the versions.

Even with your initial X17-58997.iso you have exactly what's in X17-59465.iso, just compare the content and size. The slight difference is the ei.cfg file in sources folder that tells the installer which version to install.

If you remove the ei.cfg file from sources folder when you install you get a prompt to chose which version to install and you can select there the Ultimate version. Another way to install Ultimate with other version iso is to modify the content of the ei.cfg file. Open it in Notepad or any text editor and change the name under the [EditionID] from whatever it is to Ultimate. Easy way is to use USB pen drive to do this. It can be done with disc also but reqiure to rebuild the bootable disc and I will not describe it now. Google it if you want.

Keep in mind that the integration is done only in the image selected. So any of the images you'd use to integrate the final result is the same. Your problem was that you kept the ei.cfg so the install will default to what it's set in that file. (Windows 7 Home Premium in your situation)

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i now all that(I graduated Microsoft MICTP). and i not kept the ei.cfg file but it still not work but in the Ultimate version I have not touched this file and the fact that it works then there is something other then that...

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