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  1. Look here for the ISO you need [link removed] Always verify the hash as @Jan Krohn advised.
  2. Usage: VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe [switches] All switches are optional, case-sensitive. /y - Passive mode, shows progress. *All* Runtime packages are installed. /ai - Quiet mode, no output shown. *All* Runtime packages are installed. /aiA - Quiet mode. *All* Runtime packages are installed, and hide ARP entries. /ai5 - Quiet mode. *Only* 2005 package is installed. /ai8 - Quiet mode. *Only* 2008 package is installed. /aiX - Quiet mode. *Only* 2010 package is installed. /ai2 - Quiet mode. *Only* 2012 package is installed. /ai3 - Quiet mode. *Only* 2013 package is installed. /ai9 - Quiet mode. *Only* 2022 package is installed. /aiT - Quiet mode. *Only* VSTOR 2010 package is installed. /aiE - Quiet mode. *Only* Extra VB/C package is installed. /aiV - Quiet mode. *Only* VC++ packages are installed. /aiM - Manual Install mode, shows installation script with prompt. /aiU - Manual Uninstall mode, remove all detected runtimes. /aiR - Auto Uninstall mode, remove all detected runtimes. /aiD - Debug mode, create VCpp_debug.log without install/uninstall any package. /aiP - Manual Hide or Show Runtimes entries in Add/Remove Programs panel. /aiH - Auto Hide Runtimes entries in Add/Remove Programs panel. /aiC - Passive mode. *All* Runtime packages are installed, except UCRT KB3118401. /gm2 - Optional switch to disable extraction dialog for all other switches /sfxlang: - Set the program display language, if possible. Example: /sfxlang:1031 /h | /? - Display help.
  3. It seems that an german forum https://www.win-unattended.de/viewforum.php?f=17 has taken over and assumed that it will continue under the development of Unantastbar https://www.win-unattended.de/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2 but as I see there is not much activity lately, so who knows?
  4. You didn't mentioned the language or the OEM you need but head over to archive.org site and you should find what you need. If you can't find your OEM, just grab one original Microsoft Retail image, after download, please verify the hash to match from this database https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_family.php?family=Windows+7 (Hash database is just for original Microsoft images, no OEM's) https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/can-an-oem-licence-key-be-used-to-activate-a/495b4da1-c1b7-4d93-82a9-8c8601bbaf32
  5. CRC-32: b7b73a9d MD5: 42be2387ea24923622219a33c504c091 SHA-1: 1f4ba0eefbf14aa351debe48fed9756c301fa866 SHA-256: d9e52b0dbb5d3540016497c913e4186433c2ecd14e359eb841d5d93c8b021aef SHA-512: 584e407b85613db0918e49780f7bcbb84d0d7720482d1128c27d62f0f2aeac4ca2bc6e1e91d9c834ef06d82d76a5ec6aa9c4b47641e7b8ff8a77a2c29290b98f This is what I just downloaded. Look at your antivirus maybe?
  6. I moved away from XP and also 7 so I don't know other sites but maybe you can find what you need at https://ryanvm.net/forum/
  7. Here is the current version if that's what you looking for...
  8. The password is in the first post and every post with links. Read two posts back from your post.
  9. It's built in the program Win Toolkit. Go to Tools tab > Misc > Addon Maker
  10. You can look into this database for all the info you need to compare. https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump.php Usually Windows 7 images can be obtained only at 1st day of the month. Next will be 1st March if Microsoft don't decide to take them down till then. Other thing you can try is to search the database for the hash of the image you need and Google it by hash. As long as the file you downloaded match the hash, you can be sure it's the file you want.
  11. Start with a fresh project > Skip, (No Preset), do not Load Preset in the Preset List. Or make sure to uncheck Drivers in the preset branch if you choose Load Preset. AFAIK the current installed drivers aren't added, unless you collected them and add them in project along with any other drivers you add.
  12. This is what I have found https://archive.org/download/digital_river/x17-58868.iso The download started but the download speed fluctuates from 30 min. up to 3-5 hours, so I stopped the download. It should be the right file as it was archived from digital-river, the official distribution channel. Try it and hopefully it will download the full file for you eventually.
  13. Now, if you don't want to reinstall as Jan Krohn advised you, you can just upgrade using the generic key. Do it like this: - disconnect from the internet - run an elevated cmd window - insert the command slmgr -ipk VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T - hit Enter - connect to internet
  14. ImgBurn will help. And it's free. But, these days almost any install is made from USB drive. All you need is 8 GB stick and Rufus.
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