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  1. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/25746-virtual-clonedrive-5510-released/ Ooops!...
  2. Yeah, my list ends where yours turn red. I don't see the red list. Maybe they are not available anymore. I remember that Lego lost (busted) a hard drive way back sometime and asked for some test versions at that time from those who got them. Probably they're gone with it. I still have some more older versions than the white list, saved in my collection.
  3. That's written in the program's changelog: * FIX: Minor UI fixes. * FIX: AIO Components showed message during preset load * FIX: Tweaks tab showed incorrect count * FIX: WIM Manager will remember choice when editing names and descriptions * FIX: Fixed WIM Manager column sizes * FIX: Unattended remained grey when cancel import * FIX: Minor column size changes. * FIX: Added format warning on USB Boot Prep tool * FIX: Tooltips on AIO Integrator for silent installers and files. * FIX: Flickering on AIO Components and vLite tabs on check all * FIX: Centering on + button in AIO * Updated download links * Better 4K support and scaling options * Removed update cache button.
  4. x86 https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win7_Pro_SP1_French_x32.iso?t=386e8be5-ab46-4665-8bf8-7d6a53ac45ec&e=1532367280&h=cdf160438d884805893df4c73bd3e809 x64 https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win7_Pro_SP1_French_x64.iso?t=386e8be5-ab46-4665-8bf8-7d6a53ac45ec&e=1532367280&h=e79b91ff74b81ba08898c1f10af79ba8 Links expire: 7/23/2018 5:34:39 PM UTC
  5. I found it in my collection and uploaded it for you HERE
  6. I don't use multiboot so I cannot advise but you can create separate x86 and x64 multilanguage install by integrating the needed language packs with WinToolkit Use any language as base to integrate the needed ones. When you install, a language selection box is presented to choose which language to install You can find here any needed language packs http://www.pcdiy.com/146/windows-7-service-pack-1-language-packs-download
  7. Languages English (United Kingdom) = English International
  8. https://software-download.microsoft.com/db/Win7_Pro_SP1_German_x32.iso?t=fa6da7ec-28b0-48f6-91f1-4d80365000a6&e=1509299414&h=15cd5c1b714a58cf466e9c2851dffc74 Link is valid until 10/29/17 5:50:13 PM UTC I saw some posts on the forum saying to instal IE11 to solve the problem. Are you using the latest IE?
  9. https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x32.iso?t=a29a487d-9c06-4545-b28b-9f9ce782d166&e=1508954310&h=fa7218350ff0f2eee00703ea06e8d140 Link is valid until 10/25/17 5:58:29 PM UTC
  10. https://software-download.microsoft.com/db/Win7_Ult_SP1_Portuguese_COEM_x32.iso?t=0fa70a45-1a53-477d-8424-11adc0f9daf9&e=1508008796&h=02cc57492a56e84b1bd77ebb73a009a8 Link will expire in 24 hours
  11. Requirements: Windows 7 or newer, .NET Framework 4.6.2 or newer, Internet Explorer 8 or newer. Try here https://tb.rg-adguard.net/index.php
  12. Instead of trying all those why not make your own? Here are all the info you you need. https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/simplix-pack-to-update-live-win7-system-integrate-hotfixes-into-win7-distribution.45005/
  13. Then try with original installer http://www.emptyloop.com/unlocker/#download Unlocker1.9.2.exe /S
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