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I have a Win 8.1 Update 3 MSDN volume licensing (VL) ISO, which can only be activated via KMS/MAK/MSDN-issued Product Key. I'm pretty sure that adding the Games feature from the Control Panel wont work, if I recall correctly it isn't even present (in "Turn Windows features on or off" in Control Panel). I'm mostly interested in enabling Games Explorer (like what was in Vista/7 in the Start menu), and a few of the Microsoft games. But since I cant enable it directly from with the OS without a tool, then will I be able to do so with MFI? It's kind of similar to Windows Media Center, which is only available in retail versions of Win8 but not the VL versions. So if a tool were available that could add/integrate it, it wouldn't work in my case, since it's not supported in my particular edition. I have no use for WMC, just using it as an example.


2. Would adding the gadgets with MFI be superior to adding them with a 3rd-party program like 8GadgetPack (which is what I currently use, but I want to integrate it into my ISO so they will be present/available immediately after cleanly installing Windows).


3. i would also like to have the Windows Experience Index built-in, since I use my PC for work/development, general use, and gaming. In addition to benchmarking, WEI gives me a good idea of the hardware's capabilities when deploying on a new PC.


Thanks in advance!


Edit: @OP: What custom Start button do you use? What you have doesn't quite look like anything else I've tried so far. I like the way your pic's Start button is squared off in the corners in the style of Windows 8/8.1, and yet the menus themselves manage to look close enough to 7 to make me want whatever you have. I also like to be able to use an SB (I'm a bit old school) while still having access to the full screen Modern interface for apps launching/searching. I could care less for using Windows Store apps though.

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