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Just want to put it out there that I am available if anybody needs help in the Windows 7/8* deployment field, I can help (if needed) in the following:

- Unattended installations

- Updates integration/installation

- Drivers update/integration (creating targeted driverpacks)

- Pre-install applications (sysprep and capture)

- Some Installer editing (MSI, Inno, etc.)

Essentially if you want to create a install disk that asks for little or nothing, and has all your drivers, (most/all) programs and updates already installed and little need to configure... Hit me up lets see if I can help, I would guide over Skype call (sharing each others desktop) over all the processes/tricks to achieving such an image and will help & support you if needed

Have been doing this kinda stuff since 2006, so have accumulated some experience over the years

Willing to work for a donation, pay what you want or think its worth

Contact/donate: ricktendo64 <at> gmail <dot> com


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I haven't been around much due to many personal and business reasons but after reading this I wanted to let anyone that is interested know that I have used Rick to help me with quite a few enterprise deployments for my clients and he has always been super reliable and an absolute pro at what he does... in fact I wish I could keep him busy enough to keep him working for just me  :P  anyone can feel free to contact me if they have questions.

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I can verify that Rick's technical skill and experience are fantastic. He will find a way to help you make it go. He's creative, resourceful, very quck and immensely talented. If you need this kinda help, you can't do better that to Call Rick. He's showed me many times that he has a better grasp on this than I ever will. I highly recommend his services without reservation.


Mark Strelecki

Computing and Programming Since 1975

Atlanta, GA. USA

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