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"XP", "Vista", "Win8: Beta Development" Themes for Windows 7

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I've made these themes as separated normal addons.


What you can find here?



Luna, Royale, Zune.


fediaFedia's Windows Vista

Vista (Non-transparent)


PainteR's Win8: Beta Development (original post)

Themes from all known builds:

7850, 7955, 7989, 8059, 8102, 8175, 8220, 8250, 8370, 8400, 8431, 8888.


PainteR's Themes Additionals:


- AeroRainbow

- Startkiller

- UserTile



- User Avatars
- Few brandings

- Font

- Images for StartButton





Do not forget to check this option in WinToolkit.

(All-In-One Integrator->Basic->Tweaks->Explorer->Allow 3rd Party Themes)








1. Windows XP Themes for Windows 7

MD5: 9bf0dfa4738e695161bed50d0e07e98d

SHA1: a15dec0c05a85b4288d4251392c3b5511392634f

Size: 14,6 MB



2. PainteR's Windows 8 Beta Themes for Windows 7

MD5: 2f288af6a99956993b3be9551e38473f

SHA1: 91a5f18d4a1055879e1c2cc4115dd29a00b5eed6

Size: 36,4


3. fediaFedia's Windows Vista Themes for Windows 7

MD5: 973cdf75bc2a0b50e9ee5f40e9e2e578
SHA1: 24b53d8e504cd99aca1282408f0e903cd6c1ee3e
Size: 1,64 MB


*Themes can be added on both 32 and 64-bit systems.

Edited by MAXtoriX

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On 2014. 11. 29. at 2:56 PM, KMNS said:

The files aren't available.

Hello! File not found :(

Please send me.

Thanks Gabee

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