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Removing Components Requests [Merged]


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I think that the necessary fonts are protected from being deleted on a running system. If so, to find out which fonts are necessary to keep you could try the following: (I have not tested this method, but I think it should work.)

1) First, copy all existing fonts to another folder so you can put them back if you need/want to.

2) Second, revert your system to the fonts included by a default install of Windows by following the instructions here - http://www.online-tech-tips.com/windows-7/windows-7-fonts/

3) Then you can go to your fonts folder and try to remove fonts one at a time. The necessary fonts should be protected from removal, if I understand things correctly.

You might want to install Office first, to make sure that any fonts required by Office remain.

This page - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/office-xp-resource-kit/administering-fonts-HA001136393.aspx lists fonts used by Office XP, I assume it is the same or similar to what is used in other versions of Office.

Here is another link that lists specific fonts that should not be deleted - http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/aboutgraphics/a/fontoverload_3.htm. The page was originally written in 1999, but the fonts it lists should be appropriate, but there might be more fonts that should also not be deleted.

I hope this info is helpful.

Cheers and Regards

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I want option with witch I can be able to delete Speech Support like in RT 7 Lite


- this option is soo unused for other languages then English, and I want to use it for Windows 8 what RT7 Lite cannot handle.


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can you please add these into Win Toolkit Please so that can be availiable to remove from image file pleaase!!!



Mobility Center

On-Screen Magnifier

People near me

Projector Connectivity

Speech Support

Stickey Notes

Welcome Center

Windows Fax and Scanner

Windows Sidebar

what about adding Drivers like a list which drivers do you want to remove

Windows Sideshow Driver

What about adding Printers like a list where you can remove Printers except the one that you have

What about adding Scanners like a list where you can remove Scanners except the one that you have

Tv Turner



Floppy Drive

What about adding wherer you can remove Languages: except the ones that you want to keep

Mobile Pc Presentation

Sample Music and Video

Windows Media Center

Connect To Network Projector

Remote Desktop Assistance

Remote Desktop Connection



Media Center Extender Service

Parential Controls

Tablet Pc Input Services

Windows Card Space

Windows Media Center Receciver Services

Windows Media Center Schedular Services


Tablet Pc

Windows Easy Transfer

Thank you for your help keep up the excellent Work!!

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I've read alot of post in this topic that request to hack the Sh!t out windows 7. I hope that Windows Toolkit does'nt turn into a vLite RT7 hatchet. The operative word here is Toolkit.

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anyone know of a topic regarding win toolkit and things that are safe to remove (or unused/unecessary for the most part)? my iso ballooned to over 7gb, and i've hardly done anything but add the update files etc.

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I face the same issue as you do aswell. My iso has reached 7gb in size. However, removing components (If I remember correctly about a dozen or so) did not yeild muh more than a 1gb in savings. If it helps any, I removed all themes (except the default aero theme) and some other components like sticky notes, media player stuff, dvd maker and other non essential accessories.

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I'm using Win Toolkit to remove components from Win 8 Pro including System Restore, Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop, Tablet PC Components, Common Modem Drivers, Languages, Speech and Language Support. It runs well and is very stable. Remote Desktop still ran as Manual in services so I had to disable.

Please add these to the list for possible removal: To completely remove or totally disable Modern/Metro UI. Remove Windows Firewall, Family Safety, Fax, Security Center, Windows Defender, Windows Update.

I also tried a differnet Win 8 Pro install with the following additional tweaks which was not stable: Turn Off Windows Firewall (turned off in services runs Automatically), Disable UAC (can be renabled with restart), Disable Auto Restart on BSOD, Show the following Dekstop items: Computer, Networking, User Folder; Show Hidden Files and Folders, Show System Files and Folders. Not sure why.

Noticed the following Win 8 dependencies: UAC is needed to run Modern/Metro apps. Windows Firewall needs to be running to install Windows updates or Modern/Metro updates. But even with UAC and Windows Firewall turned on the install was not stable.

I've used Nlite quite extensively in the past on other OS's, and while it took some time to get up to speed with Win Toolkit; it's a great tool and I look forward to it's further development. I understand the way it goes about removing components is totally different and it doesn't leave a smaller footprint. But I appreciate it's ability to install only the Windows components I choose and not everything Microsoft thinks we should have running. Thanks Lego!

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Whats about "not more needed stuff" for delete option?

I mean such files like never loading dlls, old pictures they no more used, double files/folders or empty folders..



Another wish: Option to remove the non-aero themes withouht basic and classic.

Or better: You can choose specific theme u want to remove at a time, - or:

Option to remove - nonaeros, classic, basic, customs, - entres.


I would want to keep customs, original windows aero (non local), basic and classic, - all other can be erased. :)

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Another suggestion:

At start the CR mount the Image.. a "cancel"-button is need.

Wrong choose and then i have to wait for finishing mount or kill the process, not good. :/



Another suggestion:

"Load preset" for Component Remover is missing.



1+ remove-option Windows Defender

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