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  1. C:\>dism /image:boot2 /remove-driver /driver:cdrom.inf Tool zur Abbildverwaltung für die Bereitstellung Version: 6.1.7600.16385 Abbildversion: 6.1.7601.17514 Found 1 driver package(s) to remove. Removing 1 of 1 - cdrom.inf: The driver package was successfully removed. Hehe... i think we got it today
  2. today i run into problems with my messy methode. - as i said... if you want my files i can provide them. i also have registry dumps. i really would appreciate some info or maybe some advices.
  3. I don't have a real methode i just only have a messy script which deletes the folder which include the XXX.inf Inbox-Driver names form FileRepository, WinSXS and INF. This works "a little" but is "quick" and dirty. All registry-settting are still in the Hives. Also there are some weird behavior. I analysed the DISM with procmon an did some checks between and 3rd party and inbox driver within this files, and i saw some "flag" but i can't remember... but anyway dism didn't wanted to remove the driver an the /get-drivers listing was uncompletet after editing the files (it had some output and stoped in the middle with an error) I removed a big "core-driver-component" which was possible with install_tweak_wim but than absolutly nothing worked anymore. I have my old, little sorted, resource files. If you interessted i can send them to you / upload them. There you might can see what happend...?!
  4. Hi I really would appreciate a option to remove DISM protected Drivers marked as Inbox drivers You only can remove/deinstall 3rd Party (oemX.inf) drivers after integration. But i need some hacking, so that i can completly remove (including registry settings) some Inbox drivers. afai understand/know the Inbox-Flag/Info is located in System32\DriverStore infpub.dat or/and infstor.dat or/and infstrng.dat We would donate this work! BTW/PS I'm not that much familiar with you Tool i tested 0.85 once, but hadn't time for much testing. Did you already include the "install_wim_tweakt.exe" to make some hidden packages visibility and remove/editable?! Thanks.
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