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  1. When i try to apply autounattended.xml with full method i get this error. Title: Unable to mount: HKLM\WIM_Software ErrType: Error Description: Win Toolkit could not mount '\Windows\System32\Config\SOFTWARE'. This can be caused by an anti-virus so try temporarily disabling it and try again. Exception: Exception: Microsoft Windows [versio 6.1.7601] Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. C:\win7_data>Set SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS=1 C:\win7_data>"C:\Windows\System32\reg.exe" load HKLM\WIM_Software "\Windows\System32\Config\SOFTWARE" C:\win7_data>exit I'm using WinToolkit in clear VM environment so i don't have any anti-virus or other security apps installed. Full method worked fine before with the same iso. I tried a new win7 iso which i download via WinToolkit but i got same error. Quick method works fine. I guess it's a bug because full method worked with previous WinToolkit versions.
  2. I know this isn't RT7Lite but it would be nice to remove Windows Defender. +1 Windows Defender
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