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  1. OK. Reading is fundamental. I found it on page 2 of this thread. Would be great if 1.5 this was placed in Downloads so it's easier to find. :dizzy:
  2. Well it's a start. Just hoping to move Metro/Modern UI into the trash bin of history! Thanks for the reply! I'm using Start 8 to get my start menu back. I tried Classic Shell but didn't care for it. Tried 3-4 others. May try StartMenu 8 for grins. http://www.stardock.com/products/start8/features.asp And where can I download!
  3. *^Ability to remove Metro apps when using Win 8 Will this completely remove/disable all Metro/Modern apps and allow a boot to the traditional Desktop? If so thank you 100x's! :prop: I thought I saw this feature in the full change log of yesterday but it's gone today. Is this feature included? Where can I download I can't find the link.
  4. Using Win Toolkit on Win 8 Pro and noticed the following dependencies: 1) Disable UAC: UAC is required to run Modern/Metro Apps. 2) Turn off Windows Firewall: Windows Firewall needs to be running to be able to install Windows Updates and to update or install Modern/Metro apps.
  5. I'm using Win Toolkit to remove components from Win 8 Pro including System Restore, Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop, Tablet PC Components, Common Modem Drivers, Languages, Speech and Language Support. It runs well and is very stable. Remote Desktop still ran as Manual in services so I had to disable. Please add these to the list for possible removal: To completely remove or totally disable Modern/Metro UI. Remove Windows Firewall, Family Safety, Fax, Security Center, Windows Defender, Windows Update. I also tried a differnet Win 8 Pro install with the following additional tweaks which was not stable: Turn Off Windows Firewall (turned off in services runs Automatically), Disable UAC (can be renabled with restart), Disable Auto Restart on BSOD, Show the following Dekstop items: Computer, Networking, User Folder; Show Hidden Files and Folders, Show System Files and Folders. Not sure why. Noticed the following Win 8 dependencies: UAC is needed to run Modern/Metro apps. Windows Firewall needs to be running to install Windows updates or Modern/Metro updates. But even with UAC and Windows Firewall turned on the install was not stable. I've used Nlite quite extensively in the past on other OS's, and while it took some time to get up to speed with Win Toolkit; it's a great tool and I look forward to it's further development. I understand the way it goes about removing components is totally different and it doesn't leave a smaller footprint. But I appreciate it's ability to install only the Windows components I choose and not everything Microsoft thinks we should have running. Thanks Lego!
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