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  1. Countdown is even more frightening for lammer users then error. I suggest to have a trigger in install.ini, which allows to make a restart without warning. Or with warning but without countdown and cancel button. I understand that it sounds like a joke, but i have a great experience of making mass products
  2. bphlpt :D :D sorry for a misspelling above. And for my stupidness))) but the thing about countdown... it is better to make it configurable in install.ini
  3. first of all thank you for your great work!!! i`ve found a small misstype http://i.imgur.com/gyDoerG.jpg Request: i Would like you to ask to add in install.ini a parameter to disable showing the restart dialog with count dawn. A lot of people are frightening of this window )))))
  4. but sometimes i can see only Nt5.0 drivers in the list. they are incompatable!
  5. It would be great if Win Toolkit could perform Driver compatability check during drivers integration. So that no x64 drivers would integrate into x86 distro.
  6. 1) opportunity to remove more components and features 2) clean update integration (without an ability to remove them) 3) resources modification (logon screen, installation background screen, default wallpaper)
  7. it would be great to have an ability to choose between "dism removing style" and "rt7lite/vlite removing style" it wold be really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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