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[Project] Win8.1 Z3R07's ROG Edition [Beta Thread]


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[Project] Win8.1 Z3R07's ROG Edition Beta


It will be created with NTLite (Licensed) and WinToolKit (v2).


[WORKING! The thread is not finished yet!]



At the moment, the project is frozen.

I need some time for personal reasons.

I'm also trying some experiments on Win10.


Welcome to my new project to build a full customized version of Windows 8.1 (...)



  • Prepared Windows system with really all updates and all important F6 drivers integrated!
  • Created with the newest and most professional tools for a stable and clean Image!
  • Customized version for gamers, but still stable as well as malware and warez free!
  • Much performance, security and usability tweaks for fast SSD and UEFI hardware!
  • Unneeded and unpopular components like modern-ui apps are safely removed!
  • Useful components as .NET 3.5 and other runtimes are preinstalled and ready!
  • Use a modern basic black and red design in style of Republic Of Gamers!
  • Full unattended install, cleaned root-folders and much more...




Let's go! How to:


Step 1# Preparing:

For first you will need all used files ready:


1.1 Make sure you have a Windows 8.1 x64 image (pro or enterprise) on your work folder.

You can download the evaluation version or copy from your DVD

A useful guide for extract a full Win.8.1 install-image from upgrade-disk you can find here:


1.2 Download all updates from the amazing abbodi1406's repository

You can use WinToolKit to get all windows 8.1 x64 updates.


1.3 Download the Zer0-SDK-Pack from here:

Step 2# Upgrading:

Step 3# Finishing:


Now you are have a complete new Z3R07 ROG Edition!
Just for me:

info stuff, cover
--- stufff lines, intro text
Introducing: blah blah
Definition: blah blah
How To Lets go:
Step 1 preparing
Step 2 upgrading
step 3 finishing
Iso make, usb stick
download stuff, cover, icon and all
for first, a little clean up
- optional driver packages, LP, keys
1. First need Install-image, copy dvd, guide for upgrade disks - legality?
2. WHD/Wh downloader get all updates
3. get drivers, other stuff
4. integration /customaze
Z: Aktivision: take own, OEM/laptop print, buy
own risk, tell if suggest/error
credits, big thanks to all, forum, mods, special
software daly use: cyberfox, foxit pdf, office 2010, comodo, kaspersky, skype, ccleaner + ccenhancer keepass, adobe ps,



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Q: "For gamers? What a bugged crap, why i should use it?!"

A: "Gamer Edition is just a name, it means the version has much improvements in performance."


Q: "I dont trust you, where i can know the version is really malware and warez-free?"

A: "I understand the doubt, but the version are tested and verified by members and AV-Systems."


Q: "Includes this version really all updates they exist?"

A: "Yes, the version use abbodi1406's famous update repository that focused on list really every update."



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you.


"Steam Framework"? Steam you can install after System Install, WPI or Addon, support exist.

Framework, if you mean Microsoft .NET, yes 3.5 and 4.5 is both already installed and ready after System install.


For drivers, just the important F6 drivers are included, not the graphics drivers, cuz they too big for integrating.

You can install after system install or integrate by yourself, i can release some useful links for download.


It will be possible to install Aero and other themes (uxtheme patch and much more already applied)

But its not standard installed, here the same you can install it by yourself, i recommend this pack:



I think about to include this pack into my project, but it will be not standard installed.



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