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IOBit's Start Menu 8 v1.5


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IOBit's Start Menu 8 - Free Start menu replacement for all Windows 8/8.1.

@Beta Collectors: This addon works also with: Consumer Preview (8250) and Release Preview (8400) builds.







Download x32-bit

Size: 4.23 MB | MD5: 3f4946046ba7105b49567903827ad42d | SHA1: 5310e41138aa7549ed41e7c2b48b50e701f4bef7



Download x64-bit

Size: 4.77 MB | MD5: 28c8c538b5098cd3c354b20a9a7a169e | SHA1: 033b226735024111c0b2fcde10bf603013e93767




Abbodi1406 clean the registry file. New versions are uploaded.

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      I want to make a Windows 8 (pro) setup DOK that will istall Windows 8 that will automatically load into Desktop with the Classic start menu. I don't care if it is Classic shell or start8. I could not find such an addon for wintoolkit. Is there any way to mege classic start menu into Windows 8 setup?
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