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Integrating Drivers for Non-Hardware-Specific Windows Installation


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Hey Guys, 


So I am using this tool (amazing by the way) to create a almost zero-touch install for some various machines. 


Now that I have had a week or two to play around with it and get it working the way I like, I want to create a new setup from scratch. 


Here is the thing, 


I am looking to create just one setup that will contain all the drivers for the three different machines I have. 


I am looking to see how exactly the driver integration works, when I integrate the drivers into the "All-In-One-Integrator" does that actually install the devices into the system, or is it just placing them somewhere in the OS and Windows will pick and choose from that folder what it actually needs?


Or do you guys have a better solution?


I was also thinking I could just put all the drivers into their respective folders somewhere in the C: drive and just run automate a script at the end that will install the correct drivers to the correct model of the machine. 





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