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  1. Hi guys, I'm officially stumped on what to do next. I have two images, one with Windows 7 SP1 OEM English and another with Windows 7 SP1 OEM German. The german image keeps failing during the build process when adding the new updates. My Anti-Virus (AVG Free) is turned off. WinTool Kit is running with admin privileges. I am running Windows 7 SP1. I am running WinTool Kit v1.5.2.16 There are no language packs installed. I have already tried to remove the update right before it gets to the part where it fails. I have tried reducing the amount (20 to 10 or so) I have tried se
  2. So I tried both methods above. I first put these files into the correct directory inside the \Sources\Scripts\...in the deployment folder. I also opened the install.wim and placed the files actually inside the c:\Windows\Setup\Scripts Both have no effect. There is nothing in Setupact.txt log either.... Maybe the UAC is preventing the applications from installing automatically?
  3. Ah, found it. 7ZIP by Reaper wasn't completely removed by the WinToolKit App. There was two INF files hiding in the INF folder as well as an empty directory. Closed.
  4. Hey Guys, Another question, I had some silent installers inside the WinTool Kit utility but I am installing the setup over PXE so this wasn't working. I ended up taking them out and using the "Delete Old Installers"option but for some reason when I try to install the OS at the end during the "Windows will close" it asks for a file. Specifically, a af.txt (Which belongs to the 7ZIP application I was trying to set as a silent install) I can't find where in the hell it is trying to install this from. Does anyone know what specific file WinTool Kit edits to run that install? Maybe thi
  5. I'm sorry, I don't fully understand. When I extract the ISO there is no "Windows" folder. There is a "Sources" folder. I'm using WinTool Kit to integrate everything and SERVA to deploy over PXE. I tried using the "Files" tab inside the application to place the SetupComplete.cmd file inside "C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts" but it is still not running. I have checked the log file and it doesn't even attempt to run it. Maybe it's placing the file after windows looks for it? I just tried placing the SetupComplete.cmd inside the "$OEM$\$$\Setup\Scripts" within the SERVA root directory and it
  6. Thank you! But where exactly do I edit this? That path doesn't exist inside the extracted ISO I am using WinToolKit with. If this helps, I am using SERVA to deploy the installs over PXE. The SERVA root folder has "/$OEM$/$$" should I create the "setup/scripts/" and just add the batch file there and rename it to "SetupComplete.cmd" ?
  7. Hey Guys, I need to inject a batch file into the all-in-one setup. I am using the ISO that is created by WinTool Kit over a PXE server so the silent installs set inside the app do not run like they should. Instead, I have told the app to place the files in the c:/ directory and then I would like to somehow have my install run my batch script to run the installs automatically. I have been unable to find any solutions yet. Maybe a custom .reg file inserted into the tweaks section that tells the OS to run the .bat file on the first startup? Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Found this out. I guess Windows 7 will just install the drivers that it needs and won't touch the rest. This makes things way easy!
  9. Hey Guys, So I am using this tool (amazing by the way) to create a almost zero-touch install for some various machines. Now that I have had a week or two to play around with it and get it working the way I like, I want to create a new setup from scratch. Here is the thing, I am looking to create just one setup that will contain all the drivers for the three different machines I have. I am looking to see how exactly the driver integration works, when I integrate the drivers into the "All-In-One-Integrator" does that actually install the devices into the system, or is it just plac
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