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Greeting's from Flames


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Hello there. Name's Flames and I just quickly registered to get Wincert for my vm needs. I hope this tool will help me save time for reinstalling Windows, creating vms and more. I'm interested in modding windows 7 and customizing it. The only customization I've done was Compiz,docky and conky on Linux. I hope I'll be able to mod windows 7 to my liking. Just like Linux (Not exactly with Compiz and stuff but you get it) Anyway, I'm glad I found this forums and I will catch ya'll later!

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Thanks everybody. ^_^ I'm assuming there are tutorials on modding and recompiling windows 7 and modding it like Windows 7 xdark deluxe. Or something. Thanks again - Flames


We do not allow discussion of warez here "7 xdark deluxe" any discussion of warez or illegal software can result in a ban.


Please read the forum rules: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/2-wincertnet-forum-rules/



1. This is not a warez site! Links or Requests to warez and/or illegal material (porn, cracks, serials, braindumps, etc..) will not be tolerated. Discussion of circumventing WGA/activation/timebombs/keygens or any other illegal activity will also not be tolerated. Advertising is strongly forbidden here. If you ignore any of the aforementioned you will be banned without previous notice.
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