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WinToolKit Not Working: Hangs Says something Wrong


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I run WinToolKit in VMware Player 7 and have used WHDownloader to get all updates.

When I setup all updates, gadgets, themes and Silent Installers all is okay...no load errors.


During AIO use I have some updates with Green and Yellow Checkmarks, one is Black


Using Portable Version and Win7 x64 +SP1 OS.

X.Last Sessions.zipLogs.zipSettings.zip



Third Try, No luck.

Thanks for some help.


Sincerely, Db_certdism.7z

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Why do you run WinToolkit within VMWare Player?

I run WinToolKit in VMWare because it is a generally cleaner OS environment than my Host OS (which has problems with some missing files and manifests in c:\windows\winsxs).


Also I would need a screenshot as you haven't really specified what it hangs on or what you just did before it hangs :)

I use a virgin OEM version of Win7x64 with updates provided by WH Downloader 0.10 with all Windows 7 x64 downloads for Home Users - nothing else. I start the Integration, it progesses then balks with a Warning Box saying something went wrong and there was no point to continue. This happens when a Language Pack is integrated). Only use English US here.


Please answer the question on what the colored checkboxes mean, also.

Thanks for helping, Don

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