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Wondering if there is any way to modify win7 installation

Need to get a driver installed before choosing the disk you want it to be installed on

The W7 version I find SSD disk but can not be installed if I do not seek, and install driver for free_fal_sensor

Want's so clear that it is automatically

Hope you understand what I mean

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WinToolkit (and many other gui tools) has the option when integrating drivers to integrate boot critical drivers as well, or you can integrate your driver into boot.wim index #2 and this will solve your problem

I use WinToolKit and used install.wim
But should try boot.wim
thanks for the reply :-)
Come on one thing, I need to have the driver No 1
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The program will add them in both places (boot.wim and install.wim) in one go.

Just tick the boxes in All-In-One Integrator > Options Tab under Drivers category.

thanks, but it works anyway not, the same problem
is there any other way to get into the drivers, take some time to compilera about everything every time
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now it is confused in my head :-)

When I load onto win back and check on drivers so located that file I sparde the first place is not there, is there anything he chooses Annar it's me who does something idiosyncratic


sorry for my english, use google translate :-)

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