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W7 download with all recent updates except telemetry etc?


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Could someone kindly point me to a working download of W7 that's up-to-date but doesn't include the 'evil' updates,  like 971033 or the telemetry stuff?

Thing is, I've downloaded a bunch of W7's lately and all of them seem to be some sort of hybrid of W7\W8\W10.

For instance, the load screen shows the pale blue and white window image that belongs to W8. And the loading throbber is the rotating white dots thing.

Not that this early stuff really matters - the OS installs, activates, updates and runs ok.

But the Windows Repair system doesn't work. Selecting any option gets the message, 'This option isn't available for your OS'. Or words to that effect.

So whoever has assembled a lot of the downloads on offer (I've tried 5 or 6) has patched in several bits from later systems but hasn't tested the resultant system.

Advice would be much appreciated :-)


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ianymaty: Thanks for your response.

Actually, I did build my own using NTLite in February 2016, and it's worked well.

However, I'm now a little older (77) and I'm finding that the details of the process are becoming confusing. It wouldn't be so difficult if I was prepared to just throw every MS update into the mix, but I want to be more selective, and that entails vetting virtually every update since Feb 2016.

Hence my attempt to find a clean OS that someone else has prepared.

Hey, if I definitely can't find such a file, I'll be forced to have another go, but I'm not optimistic about the project :-) 

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