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Calling All 4K Monitor Users


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The following screenshots come from a 3440x1440 screen with 175% scaling, which is the "middle" setting, going to 200% or 225% worsens the issue. Going down to 150% makes it less noticeable.

My screen is a 34'' so it does not really need scaling (one of the main reasons I bought it), but 27'' and smaller 4k-ish res screens will.

I seem to have failed at copy-pasting screenshots into Paint, some of them will have be cropping over an older image, and I noticed only at the end when I was uploading.

Since they still show the issue I didn't invest the time to take them again.

See the images in this dropbox folder

I didn't take screenshots for all menus and things, but I think I got an example of most/all problematic menus and bars.

For all situations, resizing the window had no effect on the problematic buttons or bars.

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Thank you.

I've also been working with adminxp, sending him many test versions via TeamViewer as well. His images matched yours and together we've come up with a solution for v1.6.0.8.

There's auto scaling (default) but, there's also a new tab in Options for selected a scale.


Thanks again, much appreciated!

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I also noticed that there is something not looking good, I thought it was my monitor which had some issues, but seems that this wasn't the problem. It fixed though in the following updates and now it's looking okay even if you change the resolution. It was strange for me, because everything else was fine, especially on a 4k monitor https://thepcenthusiast.com/top-10-best-4k-gaming-monitors/ for gaming. I am glad that they fixed it, because it hurt my eyes on you suddenly go from a high resolution to low image quality.


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