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Windows 10 boot configuration corrupted after downloading ISO


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Hi, i was downloading windows 7 professional for my friend through my pc. all went smoothly, no problem whatsoever. My pc is using windows 10. as soon as the download completed it goes to blue screen saying it has entered into an unexpected error. when i restarted the pc, it says windows are loading files and it stated there the os im using currently is windows 7 instead of windows 10. i cant go into safe mode, startup repair failed to do anything, cant boot too. so basically im stuck in this startup repair which is not even working. the only report i get is windows boot configuration is corrupted but im not sure whether it is windows 10 or windows 7 because booting into either one is not working too.. 

what i did  apart from asking google and tyoing lots of command lines is...

disconnect hdd from my pc (windows 7 iso is located here) and left my ssd (windows10) untouched. when i reboot it says insert a media (bootable usb/cd) which means my windows 10 is no longer detected in my ssd.

im planning to make a bootable usb but which os should i use? 7 or 10? any help is highly appreciated. thank you. 

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