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Hi, I want to say that I love this amazing tool as it provided me lots of convenience. I do want to support this tool (and its future developments) as much as I can, but I need to understand what do you mean by "Donate Idle Resources". To me it sounds like mining cryptocurrency using my computer's CPU and I want to ask:

1. What information does it gather?

2. What file/s does it create?

3. How is it related to "Receiving prioritized downloads for Windows 7 and Office 2010"



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Sorry about the late reply. I was without access to my computer for a couple of days.

The resource donation is not for bitcoin mining. Resources are given to a business VPN network, so basically it uses your bandwidth, mainly for web scraping.

Here are the detailed answers to your questions:

1. rather than copy&pasting the information, you can look it up here where it's always up to date: https://luminati.io/legal/sdk-privacy

2. It creates a config file and a cache folder in the same directory with the downloader's exe file. When closing the app, the Luminati interface always automatically closes as well, so that you can just delete both items afterwards.

3. Since the downloader is powered by product keys in the background, which I mostly paid for out of my own pockets, I find it quite appropriate to prioritize resource donors in the download queue: non donors can only download if there's either currently no conflicting request by a donor, or if a donor has requested the same file, so the non-donor can download it "piggyback" on the donor's request.

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