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Windows ISO Downloader v6.21 Error 404 or No Reply


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It is impossible from v6.21 to get any ISO files from  Build v17744 family, whatever it is (ADK, WinPE, Client Insider).

Error 404 or No response to the request are offered from several days.

Is it a Browser (64bit) issue ? I do tests with Firefox v62, or Vivaldi v1.16 or Palemoon v28.0.1 or Cyberfox v52.9.1.

Formerly, any Build v17738 family ISO files was downloadable (with v6.20), now it does not work using v6.21.

So, it does seem a severe SERVER problem somewhere.




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I get this error now for the Insider Client 17744 FR. Why ? Can you help me ? MS assistance does not produce help on tierce application such as Windows ISO Downloader.

However, for ADK 17744 and WinPE 17744 I get no problems, downloading is now OK.


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