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Vista Performance and Reliability Pack Unofficial Release

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Thanks Nekrosoft for the news on this major update to Windows Vista that should for most of us improve the speed and reliability of Windows Vista significantly!

Please note: These fixes break all current methods of bypassing driver singing requirements except the good old F8 during boot (that you have to do every single time you start vista

IF you are using Rivatuner, atitool and or Peerguardian on 64bit vista, you will have to use F8 every single time to disable driver signing requirements to use those two programs. x86 version is unaffected.

These updates should go official on the next patch Tuesday (in one weeks time). Please read more for the download links and information on these updates.

938979 Vista Performance and Reliability Pack

This update resolves a number of individual issues which may be affecting some computers running Windows Vista. These issues have been reported by customers using the Error Reporting service, product support, or other means. Installing this update will improve the performance and responsiveness for some scenarios and improves reliability of Windows Vista in a variety of scenarios. Some examples of the improvements contained in this update are:

Improves performance in resuming back to the desktop from the Photo and Windows Energy screensaver.

Resolves an issue where some secured web pages using advanced security technologies may not get displayed in Internet Explorer on Windows Vista.

Resolves an issue where a shared printer may not get installed if the printer is connected to a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 system and User Access Control is disabled on the Vista client.

Resolves an issue where creating AVI files on Vista may get corrupted.

Improves the performance in calculating the

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Download Link not Available!

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Rafael and Bryant confirmed the speed benefits of KB938979

Source AeroXperience

KB938979 to Fix File Transfer Woes. No, really. (Windows)

By Bryant and Rafael - Published: July 29, 2007, 11:00 pm

Want to copy a file from one partition on your drive to another? As anyone using Windows Vista knows, it'll take twice your lifetime to finish.

In Windows Server 2008, Microsoft decided to fix file transfer problems implement some new algorithms to accelerate file transfers. This change will be rolled into all operating systems based on the Windows Vista kernel (Windows Vista, Windows Small Business Server Code Named "Centro", Server 2008, Windows "7"), though how hasn't been confirmed yet. It may rollout as a downloadable hotfix (it'll be modularlized internally regardless) or simply integrated into Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

The rig victim to the tests was comprised of a mere AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (yes, the one we got from the Windows x64 launch), two 500GB SATA2 drives in RAID-0 configuration, 2GB of memory, and Windows Vista not-so Ultimate Edition.

We used fsutil file createnew to create five sets of test files for our benchmark. 1MB file, 10MB file, 100MB file, 1GB file, and a folder of twenty files, five files per size. For timing, we used the good ol' fashioned stop watch (the margin of error was acceptable). Although tempting as it sounded, we skipped creating a benchmarking mechanism via code, as it would be impractical; Speed is perceived (whether it be incorrect or not) by the user.

During the tests, we quickly found copying small files (1MB-10MB) proved too difficult to time and therefore were cut from the benchmark. The other tests, however, blew us away (sorry, we're pessimists when it comes to NVIDIA drivers and Microsoft hotfixes)...


After some very lengthy re-learning of percentages, we calculated the transfers completed over twice as fast! One oddity, however, was the fact the speed indicator in the file transfer dialog remained at a fairly constant rate (48MB/s), giving us the impression the speed calculation code is borked. Despite this, however, these numbers are very encouraging given the hotfix's short life; we can't wait to see what the final build delivers!

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I have to admit that I was surprised when I saw fixes for a bunch of my problems I experienced on Windows Vista.

Hopefully this fixes will be released next week as stated.

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