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Can't type in Windows 10 search box after LP slipstream

Ricardo Silva

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@Ricardo Silva If you want an up-to-date 19h2 iso, you shouldn't use a 19h2 iso as base to integrate update/lps. All 19h2 isos are 19h1 base with KB4517245 integrated after the ssu/cu.

What you should do:
1. Get a 18362.1 iso for base.

2. Get the LPs for 18362.1 (1903).

3. Get Servicing Stack Update, Cumulative Update, .NET Cumulative Update and KB4517245(use WHDownloader for this one).

4. Integrate LANGUAGE PACKS into boot.wim index 2 and install.wim index *insert your desired index here*.

5. Integrate SSU/CU/.NET CU updates.

6. Integrate KB4517245 !!! AFTER ALL THE OTHER UPDATES !!! (it's a .cab file so don't put it into the same folder as the others, use a separate dism /add-package for it).

7. You have a proper multilingual 19h2 iso.

The problem likely comes from you integrating LPs into an iso which has integrated updates(which all 19h2 isos are) and that's known to be a problematic practice.

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