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  1. Hi. I made a new test. Is not the The Cumulative Update Pack that causes the error. Is some tweak.
  2. Hi. I tested. The reason the error ocorred, is because the integration of the "3-Windows6.1-KB3125574-v4-x64.msu" update. The Cumulative Update Pack, install most updates but appears a error on installation.
  3. Hi. First off all this is amazing job. Congratulations! I tested the 1.9v with drivers, with nothing changed in the script, on Virtual Box with no errors. Tested on a real machine (Asus Mboard H110M-K, 7° gen cpu I3-7100) and also no errors installing. But on a Asus H310M-R R2.0 with 8° or 9° gen cpu a error ocurred. Just before the last restart before welcome screen to create a Username and pass, etc. I hit OK and the pc restarts to the welcome screen. I think is a update not 100% compatible to this cpu generation. I tried removing in the script all Spectre and Meltdown related updates and tweaks to try if install with no errors. Same result. I'm going to try removing some updates to test it again.
  4. Hi. I copied my SetupComplete.cmd to SOURCES\$OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS... Like always have done. In this Windows 10 1809, is not working. Retail image. After i make a clean install, before creating a new user, i type SHIFT+F10, explorer and go to the folder Scripts... and is not there. After creating a new user, nothing from my SetupComplete.cmd is executed. I tried with Stock image and my mod image. Same result. Any idea why is happening this? Ricardo
  5. Thanks for the reply. Meanwhile, after my post, already got that answer somewhere. Thanks
  6. Hi. Is it possible to add support for ESD format file on Windows 7 installation?
  7. same error. Wintoolkit warns that isn't a update to integrate. i ignored, added the KB3020369 and KB312557. On my first try in x64 clean image, success. After 3 tries in x86 image, also suceeded. But unnfortunnaly, Windows 7 updates are slow and takes forever to get the updates list. I will continue to test...
  8. Excelent topic I'm also searching for the correct and updated order to slipstream the updates. Do you know where can i search that?
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