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  1. Does anyone know and explain how to create an iso image using install.esd instead of install.wim? I know how to convert install.wim into install.esd but then what I need to change to get the iso worrking? dism /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:pathto\install.wim /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:pathto\install.esd /Compress:recovery
  2. That's why I'm much more confident with the SetupComplete.cmd approch and I do not like any .wa.
  3. I've updated the guide and tested a one step integration but you have to add the updates as described in my guide. Organize the updates and add them folder by folder in chronological order. It's critical to add some updates in the cab format, i.e after extracting the cab from the msu, at the end af all other updates. This works for sure!
  4. THe green ones are actually integrated, the yellow ones were integrated before you added, they actually are redundant, the x black ones are not suitable for that image and are skipped. If you are looking for a complete list of the updates take a look at my guide: the link is in the signature!
  5. So many thanks indeed! I'm working on a much more deep in details guide as I found that some point are not that clear as I would. I will take care of your suggestion for sure! I always use one of the many free image hosting sites for any images I want to post on any of the forums I participate in, and would suggest you try that. When you click the "Image" button in the Edit Box toolbar, you simply put in the link to your image and the image should appear integrated in the post the way you want it. Some of the many advantages to this approach are that it usually always works in all the fo
  6. What for HomePremium do you use? Whit or Without SP1? If you want only HomePremium with only your language and 32 or 64bit you don't need such an elaborate setup! The WTK-AIO (Basic) is enough. Which UL did you use? This UL downloads only the updates request by WU after a fresh installation of Win7 with SP1 + IE11 (english, german, french, italian) and its updates + (optional) RDP 8.1 and XP-Mode/Virtual PC, nothing less and nothing more. Regards, Thiersee I does not change anything if you are integratin updates to a single image or to the full range just go alongside with the g
  7. I didn't try in one step. It's a methodological and logical process. I did this way to testing purpose and fixing the process step by step..
  8. Updated December 14, 2014 (Just after the Patch Tuesday 12/9/2014) A small as I can complete step-by-step guide to: WinToolkit As I did not found a truly comprehensive guide to this fantastic tool, I took the time to write a brand new one. First, as I’m not that deep in all the staff and as I’m not an English mother language I would accept any kindly correction you would provide to me. I’m considering this a work in progress. Second, I’m aware that I made some choices here that are personal ones, please don’t hung me on those ones. What was the goal of the job Create AIO ISOs customized with m
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