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  1. Thanks again for keeping it updated
  2. Thanks for the update mooms :dancing:
  3. @Thiersee. Great idea. I'll try that too. Did you use the SFX-installer with the vcd.reg in it or one without it?
  4. I'm using Win Toolkit This afternoon I ran it on a different computer and rebuild the image. Again no installation of the SFX. I'm giving up; it's not worth the time compared to doubleclicking the SFX after Windows installation Thank you for your patience and help trying to solve this puzzle :thumbsup:
  5. Bug fixes release immediately; enhancement once a week. BTW: Latest build Sunday 3rd May 2015 :g:
  6. Yes, the SFX_VCD5470.exe is in \WinToolkit_Apps\SFX_VCD5470\. Silverlight-x64.exe in \WinToolkit_Apps\Silverlight-x64\ is installed fine (with switch /q). I've integrated your original SFX from #1 before with the same Win Toolkit. VCD was installed then (with 1 drive and without TrayIcon) when Windows installation finished . I've made the SFX using your 7zsd.sfx with config.txt: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" MiscFlags="4" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c certutil -addstore \"TrustedPublisher\" EB.cer" RunProgram="VCD5470.exe /S /noreboot" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c reg delete \"HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Mi
  7. @mooms Thanks again for your help. I've run the modified "SFX_VCD5470.exe" and it works perfectly. I then added it to the silent install of Win Toolkit and made a new image. After installation there's no trace of VCD so I guess I'm missing something again :confused02: Do I need to use a switch (/q, /ai, ...) or do anything else to make it work?
  8. Image was made before latest addon. It's just missing these 2 .NET updates, not worth rebuilding from scratch. Is it possible to use the addon on top of what's already in the image?
  9. I did not get 7za.exe when extracting, however thought I understood it by now and wanted to write down the steps I took. So I went back to the original SFX from #1. I used 7ZSplit (Install configuration+7z) and got SFX_VCD5470.txt + SFX_VCD5470.7z. I did not get 7zsd.sfx :g: I've done a lot of trial&error these last days and I can't recall how I got it when I first started with modification. It's really very confusing and I'm lost again :omg: What am I missing now????
  10. @mooms Thanks for your help and the personalized SFX. I saw your answer only today. I did some comparison and testing: I didn't have the line with taskkill (yet it worked as well) and kept the delete .lnk lineAfter extracting your rar and running vcd.cmd I got a SFX with size 59.155Additonal extracting of SFX_VCD5470.exe to \VCD made no differenceWhen I added 7za.exe I got a SFX with same size as yoursWith your 7zsd.sfx I get a SFX with Virtual Sheep icon :icon_cool: . The one I had gives a 7zSFX icon.Is the icon creation a standard behavior of your 7zsd.sfx or did you modify it?
  11. @mooms: Thank you for your quick response :prop: -I used "7zsd_160_2712.7z" following your link in #17 (See here to learn how to make a 7zip SFX.). -I wasn't aware date was added. My mistake; it must have happened accidentally when copying and pasting into the wrong Window :confused02: -right click shows 3 Stations (=Virtual Drives): After running the SFX I clicked on the VCD TrayIcon. It showed a menu with Settings, Help, Station F:, Station G: and Station H:. That was according to value in VCD.reg ("NumberOfDrives"=dword:00000003). However, Clicking settings showed number of drives=1
  12. I've updated my W7Pro-x64 image (.NET already integrated) with Win Toolkit. After installing these 2 updates are the only ones showing up in WindowsUpdate. In Win Toolkit I can only add .cab or .msu. These updates come as .exe. Extracting gives .msp and I can't extract that. I'd like to make my image fully up-to-date. Could you please explain how to get these updates as .cab or .msu?
  13. @mooms Thanks for your SFX and explanation how to remake it. I've been fishing for few days now, however still no fish :doh: Please help :please: I'm trying to get a SFX with 3 Drives, VirtualSheep, SaveHistory and ShowTrayIcon. Here is what I did (Win7Pro-x64): 1. made VCD.reg: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elaborate Bytes\VirtualCloneDrive] "VirtualSheep"=dword:00000001 "EjectUnmounts"=dword:00000000 "KeepHistory"=dword:00000001 "AutoMount"=dword:00000000 "ShowTrayIcon"=dword:00000001 "NumberOfDrives"=dword:00000003 "VCDDriveMask"=dword:000000e0
  14. Thanks and please help. I added the .WA file to Addons in Win Toolkit When installing image Windows reported it needed file HashCheck x64.dll from CD and asked if I wanted to install from C:\Windows\inf\HCFiles. This folder is present, however empty. How to solve this?
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