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Please .... make the File-hashes Copy-able !


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No, no... these hashes are going to be removed or hidden. In most cases they provide false information.

(The screen elemen is quite persistant though and just doesn't want to be removed. Once that's done, a new version will come out immediately.)

For verification of the download, click on the orange disc shaped icon ("ISO tools"), and when it asks you to calculate the hash, choose "yes".

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No, the hashes are fine, everytime I use them , they match with the downloaded iso.

The only problem is using the hash for verification. Difficult and Error-prone to do it visually with a long sha256. Is that table not stored somewhere as a temp-file so we could copy some text out of it ?

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Microsoft's API always returns the same list of hashes, no matter which file is requested. Therefor, in most cases, the info is no good, or even harmful, when users believe their file is corrupt, when in reality it isn't.

All hashes can be copeid from the hash dump too:


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