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[Release] Microsoft Praias do Brasil Theme


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Microsoft Praias do Brasil Theme



A Little Info:


The beauty of the Brazilian coast represented thru 4 of the most famous Brazilian

beaches. Have in your computer this theme with the background images of

Florianopolis, Buzios, Jericoacoara e Fernando de Noronha. Screensaver included.

Information: Info

Version: 1.00

Addon Release Date: September 3, 2007

Silent Switch Used: /qb-!

Installs From: svcpack.inf

Credit: Reaper (aka Makave2345 or Me)

NOTE: This does NOT require a patched UXTHEME.DLL file. This theme is signed by Microsoft.

RyanVM Integrator Addon:

Size: 4.60 mb

Main: Download

Mirror: Download

MD5: 0A31D3D498AD70AE6439A575E7FD1182

SHA1: 74E0933818D5035C788942B648A12109A010D8CA

CRC-32: 33072F59

Switchless "Silent" Installer:

Size: 4.62 mb

Main: Download

Mirror: Download

MD5: EDDE2719B799CF723355E089CE20E237

SHA1: 28DFF33DE95A85307B18AE75FFC25E832DBAF013

CRC-32: 8A230405


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