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Opera 82.0.4227.23x32 & x64 Silent


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What is the ideal update interval for a web browser? Opinions are free, but it seems that the ‘industry’ has agreed: a month between one version and the other, enough time to implement something new and serve it to the public. Opera 80 is the latest to join this trend, which has practically become the norm.

The first to step on the accelerator was Firefox, which has applied a monthly launch cycle since January 2020, although it must be recognized that it was Chrome that from its inception followed a more agile development and launch cycle than normal, lasting six weeks. . Be that as it may, the jump to monthly releases did not take place until Mozilla decided to do so and already in 2021, Chrome, that is, Chromium, did the same, immediately followed by Chrome OS and now, by Opera.


So things, Opera 80 It is the first stable version of the web browser to adopt the monthly release cycle, with the main objective of staying attached to the Chromium development and release cycle. Therefore, it is not surprising that the previous version of the browser, Opera 79, was launched just three weeks ago and that the present one, Opera 80, does so with just one novelty to mention, to make matters worse, released from the worst of the ways, to the chagrin of its users.

And the novelty with which Opera 80 is presented is … Reading mode! Incredible, but true, Opera lacked this function, once something of a foodie, today it quite generalizes either natively or through extensions (in fact, this mode was popularized in large part by extensions like Evernote). However, the disappointment of many Opera users will be great when they see the update appear and not a single novelty with it.


And it is that the only novelty of Opera 80 has been left without activating due to a last minute error. That is to say, They have launched Opera 80 with a single novelty that is not available to anyone… As it is. It can be activated manually through the hidden options of the browser (“flag: opera: // flags / # reader-mode”) and from the company they say that they will activate it by default in the next browser update, which should arrive in a few days.

Nor is it anything to write home about: the reading mode icon will appear to the right of the navigation bar when it is usable, the rest you can imagine: it allows you to increase and decrease the size of the font, change the font and color, among white, black and sepia.

It should also be mentioned that like every new version of any browser, beyond the constant and booming news there are usually many other changes, including stability corrections, security patches, performance optimizations, etc. Opera 80, in addition, is based on Chromium 94, so some of the novelties of Chrome 94 are shared by it (the background, not the form).


Download: XDNHV.gif?x36652

Opera 82.0.4227.23x32 & x64 Silent




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73.0.3856.344 – 2021-01-14 blog post

  • CHR-8265 Update chromium on desktop-stable-87-3856 to 87.0.4280.141
  • DNA-90625 [Mac] Crash at opera::TabView::GetPaintData(opera::TabState) const
  • DNA-90735 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarModel::GetItemVisible(opera::BrowserSidebarItem const*) const
  • DNA-90780 Crash at extensions::CommandService::GetExtensionActionCommand(std::__1::basic_string const&, extensions::ActionInfo::Type, extensions::CommandService::QueryType, extensions::Command*, bool*)
  • DNA-90821 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarController::Action(opera::BrowserSidebarItem const*, opera::BrowserSidebarItemContentView*)
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78.0.4093.112 – 2021-08-03 blog post

  • DNA-94466 Implement sorting Pinboards in overview
  • DNA-94582 Add access to APIs for showing pinboard icon in sidebar
  • DNA-94603 Suspicious pinboards events
  • DNA-94625 Disable opr.pinboardPrivate.getThumbnail() for local files
  • DNA-94640 Promote O78 to stable
  • DNA-94661 Missing translations for some languages

78.0.4093.103 – 2021-07-29 blog post

  • CHR-8509 Update chromium on desktop-stable-92-4093 to 92.0.4515.107
  • DNA-93103 History search box eats characters
  • DNA-93884 Opera 78 translations
  • DNA-93969 Sidebar Extensions ‘+’ icon button is not clickable
  • DNA-94219 Conference popup steals focus after opening a new tab
  • DNA-94259 Player doesn’t pause music when joining Google Meet
  • DNA-94310 Crash at extensions::TabHelper::WebContentsDestroyed()
  • DNA-94375 Enable buildsign script to use both “Opera Software” and “Opera Norway” certificate
  • DNA-94382 Network Installer can’t install package signed with Opera Norway
  • DNA-94510 Sidebar messengers get smaller every time they’re opened
  • DNA-94511 [Mac] Conference popup steals focus after opening a new tab
  • DNA-94515 Change ordering of tab context menu
  • DNA-94561 Crash at base::internal::PartitionFree(base::allocator::AllocatorDispatch const*, void*, void*)
  • DNA-94619 Add missing bn translations and add attributes to non translatable strings

78.0.4093.79 – 2021-07-22 blog post

  • DNA-94291 Video conference popout doesnt remember its size after resizing
  • DNA-94419 opera: protocol visible in address field on Pinboards page
  • DNA-94462 Low quality of default wallpaper on windows
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82.0.4227.23 – 2021-12-02 blog post

  • DNA-95632 With new au-logic UUID is set with delay and may be not set for pb-builds (when closing fast)
  • DNA-96349 Laggy tooltip animation
  • DNA-96483 [Snap][Linux] Video not working / wrong ffmpeg snap version for Opera 82
  • DNA-96493 Create ‘small’ enticement in credit card autofill
  • DNA-96533 Opera 82 translations
  • DNA-96535 Make the URL configurable
  • DNA-96553 Add switch to whitelist test pages
  • DNA-96557 Links not opened from panel
  • DNA-96558 AdBlock bloks some trackers inside the panel
  • DNA-96568 [Player] Tidal in sidebar Player opens wrong site when logging in
  • DNA-96593 Promote O82 to stable
  • DNA-96659 Siteprefs not applied after network service crash
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