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Windows ISO Downloader 8.46 CORRUPTED!!

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I've downloaded from


File properties:

Size:7,310,824 bytes



BUT, the SAME version I've downloaded ago is:

Size:7,310,824 bytes


Both versions are same(8.46), but contents are different.

And new one is failed to execute.

Please confirm.

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  CRC-32: b7b73a9d
     MD5: 42be2387ea24923622219a33c504c091
   SHA-1: 1f4ba0eefbf14aa351debe48fed9756c301fa866
 SHA-256: d9e52b0dbb5d3540016497c913e4186433c2ecd14e359eb841d5d93c8b021aef
 SHA-512: 584e407b85613db0918e49780f7bcbb84d0d7720482d1128c27d62f0f2aeac4ca2bc6e1e91d9c834ef06d82d76a5ec6aa9c4b47641e7b8ff8a77a2c29290b98f

This is what I just downloaded.

Look at your antivirus maybe?

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I confirmed again and this seems RIGHT file:


I wonder what the hell happened last time.

By my two PC (for work and home) confirmed this same problem.

None of my PCs settings changed.

Anyway, this problem is gone.

Thanks for all.


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