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Winamp 5.5


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AOL's sub divsion Nullsoft today announced the official launch of WinAmp 5.5, the tenth anniversary edition of the company's pioneering music software. The new update is the first to chase iTunes users and includes a new skin, nicknamed "Bento," which gives users an Apple-like view with playback controls, a media browser view, and a source list all in a single pane. Nullsoft's player is further aware of iPods without requiring a plugin and will display album art in playback or when browsing. Tracks can be streamed over a network and an enhanced podcast directory helps find new listening material.

Version 5.5 is much more aware of the context behind music than its rivals, Nullsoft says. An expanded Now Playing view will show not just essential track data but available information about the artist, a back catalog, and reviews. Similar to previous editions, a web browser is built-in and can integrate with WinAmp to launch radio stations or other content.

Nullsoft is continuing its past practices and will deliver WinAmp Full for free as well as a stripped-down WinAmp Lite with a smaller footprint. Full offers limited CD burning and ripping, according to the company. A paid version, WinAmp Pro, unlocks these features for an extra $20. As suggested by its name, the player is currently available only for Windows systems.

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Is this better than Media Player? I have never used it. Also does this play movies?

I can't tell how good it is. As far as I can see it looks better than previous versions. It was about time to change the look of that Winamp 5.x skin.

Also, I see some mayor changes, like that you can't divide the player and the playlist window. They're now connected and make the main window.

I don't know if it's better than WMP11, but you can play movies on it also. Anyway, it's free so why don't you try it. :type:

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It's buggy. It has problems with album art. If you listen to a song with the album art everything is fine, but when you switch to another track that doesn't have the album art, it'll still show the album art from the previous song..

No matter what you do, refresh, update album art, it won't change.. :confused02:

Album art isn't working even after you've auto-tagged the song, it won't download the album art. What can I say. WMP11 is much better in this..

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Well, Winamp, you can eat dust from WMP11.

Hear this..

I was testing Album Art feature 'cause I thought this is where it started to suck.

I've run the song from Enigma and Deep Forest - Snow of the Sahara.

In a tag for that song I only had the name of the song and artist, nothing else. Now, I've clicked on Auto-Tag option in Winamp.

Winamp recognized the song and auto-tagged it (this is working OK).

Now we have the song fully auto-tagged and all we need now is the album art cover. This is the funny part. Winamp somehow found that Enigma album called Metamorphosis should be connected to these two pictures:


instead of this:


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