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[How To] INF File download links and Tips


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First off I want to thank Kelsenellenelvian for getting me started on INF addons (T.Y. Kelso :P)

OK here is some reading you guys can do if you want to learn to write INF addons/installers, I use them all the time to take a quick peek when I'm lost

Feel free to ask any quetstion or post more usefull links for other usefull inf tutorials you think should go here :)

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Where can we find OSR guide for inf files in PDF that you use un your videos ricktendo64? It would be fine if I have a printed version, to read in my bed hahaha :wub_anim:

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You can add INFs during textmode by adding entries to [HiveInfs.Fresh], [HiveInfs.Upgrade], and/or [HiveInfs.Fresh.RemoteBoot] (You should hopefully be able to figure out the meaning of those) in your TXTSETUP.SIF file. When you do this, the flags for registry entries changes slightly. Here they are.

REG_SZ - 0x00000000

REG_SZ_NOCLOBBER - 0x00000002

REG_DWORD - 0x00010001


REG_MULTI_SZ - 0x00010000

REG_BINARY - 0x00030003

REG_EXPAND_SZ - 0x00020000


REG_NONE - 0x00020001

VALUE_NOT_SET - 0x00000010


The "noclobber" alternatives above indicate that if the registry entry already exists, it will not be overwritten. Obviously this is only useful if you're running an Update. On a Fresh install, it probably won't matter if you use a noclobber flag or not; the result is more than likely the same.

A couple others that are more rare, and I'm not sure exactly under what conditions they ought to be used:

REG_SZ - 0

REG_SZ - [empty flag]


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No problem. I'm working on integrating an offline defrag driver into my Windows XP setup, and I wanted it available during PRESETUP.CMD to instantiate it on next boot so that my ROE installs are applied to a freshly defragged partition. Anyway, to accomplish that I had to learn all of the registry flags for the HiveInf files, and it took me a while to find that info so I figured I'd share it here. Probably too niche for most people, but at least the info can be easily found now. :)


As it turns out, those are all on gosh's website. I spent so much time looking for those. aww. lol.

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