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Vivaldi 5.7.2921.63 Dual x86x64 [Silent]Multi

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Vivaldi is a freeware advanced Chromium-based web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies. It is company founded by the former Opera Software cofounder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

The browser is aimed at staunch technologists, heavy Internet users, and previous Opera web browser users disgruntled by Opera’s transition from the Presto layout engine to the Blink layout engine, which removed many popular features in the process.

Vivaldi’s aim is to revive the old, popular features of Opera 12as well as introduce new and more innovative ones. It has a minimalistic user interface with basic icons and fonts. Also a color scheme that changes according to the background and design of the visited web page.

Vivaldi browser also allows users to customize the appearance of UI elements such as background color, overall theme, address bar and tab positioning, and start pages.

reviously, we introduced a partial toolbar customization mode, which lets you configure toolbars to meet your browsing needs. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, as it did not include all the toolbar components and was limited to repositioning buttons in the UI. 

Now, you have full control of your toolbar layouts with Editable Toolbars. 

Providing a browser with ultimate freedom and flexibility is at the heart of what we do. And our new Editable Toolbars will allow you to create a browser experience that is new and truly unique.

To get started with this fiery addition, simply right-click on the Toolbar and enter toolbar editing mode, Edit > Customize Toolbar. Or you can access via View > Customize Toolbar in the main menu. 

860w_Edit-Toolbar-context-menu.png It’s easy to get started with editing your toolbars.

The Toolbar Editor contains all components belonging to the currently selected toolbar. You can easily swap between different toolbars from the selection menu above.

860w_Edit-Toolbar-in-action.png Navigating the Toolbar Editor is intuitive. Start by selecting a toolbar.

You can drag components to the toolbars, rearrange them, or remove them from the Toolbar by dropping them in the background area. Customize the Navigation Bar, Status Bar, and toolbars for the different Mail views, or reset the currently selected Toolbar to a default set.

860w_Edit-Toolbar.png Now arrange – and rearrange – toolbar components to your heart’s content.

Outside the Toolbar Editor, you can always control toolbar components via the context menu, or rearrange them by dragging while pressing the Ctrl key (or ⌘ key on macOS)

Command Chains in the Toolbar Editor! The sky’s the limit. 

Another set of buttons that you can pick in the Toolbar Editor are your own Command Chains!

This allows you to take your custom workflows or scripts and place them as buttons on any toolbar. Since Command Chains open a door to all Vivaldi commands, the only limit is your imagination.

860w_Edit-Toolbar-Command-Chain.png You can also create new toolbar buttons for your Command Chains.

As an example, let‘s make a new command under Settings > Quick Commands > Command Chains. Add a new Command Chain and name it “Fullscreen Reader”. As your first command, choose Toggle Reader View and add a second command, this time Fullscreen Mode. That’s it. Then, enter toolbar editing mode, select Command Chains, and drag the “Fullscreen Reader” command button to a Toolbar. Now you can switch to Reader View in a fullscreen window, with a single click of your brand-new button.

Reset to default? Try it out, it’s risk-free.

860w_Reset-setting-to-default.png Ready for a do-over? It’s easy! Just select “Reset to default”.

Reset to default is a new button for every settings section in Vivaldi.

For example, perhaps you’ve tweaked a few things around in your Vivaldi Settings. Later, you would like to go back to your older set-up but cannot recall the settings you changed. With the Reset to default button, you can easily get back to default settings.

As Vivaldi offers so many options, this little handy addition helps you to undo things in a jiffy.


Homepage – https://vivaldi.com



Windows 7/8/10 X64 X86

Silent installation


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