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Vista Not Responding


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OK, I just started using Vista Ultimate again. this is the 4th time I went back to it. LOL. I have all of the updates. I keep getting "not responding" issues, with everything. Not every time I do something but maybe about 40% of the time.

Is there a know fix?

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I usually have this problem with the Last.FM program. It often locks up on startup and I get that annoying error message. Sometimes it just works, other times I get the error.

What I have found, is it eventually goes away the more you use the OS. I know this seems weird, but I also find Vista gets faster with age too :blink:

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Thanks. Hopefully something happens. I am getting mad. LOL. I was watching a movie and it was fine. I started to watch another and it just started locking up.

make sure you have the performence and relibility packs installed as well, I found they made a huge difference :thumb:

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