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Unreal Tournament 3 Solo Campaign Preview


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November 2, 2007 - It's not something we expected to say, but we're going to have to limit our Unreal Tournament 3 preview somewhat to prevent, wait for it, spoilers. Spoilers of the narrative variety, that is. There's actually a plot in this game, following a character named Reaper. He had his colony wiped out by a fearsome alien race known as the Necris, and he swears revenge. While many might see Reaper and immediately think of Gears of War's Marcus Fenix, just hold up a second. Sure, they might look somewhat similar. They're both giant men with square jaws and intricate sets of armor. A few differences include Reaper donning an armored skirt whereas Fenix stands out with his bandanna. Yet the most surprising difference was Reaper actually had more personality than Fenix, since he had a readily identifiable motivation for striking out against the Necris. And even more surprising, the writing quality of all the fully-voiced cut-scenes was better too, at least from the early bits we saw.

Though there's storyline, the actual gameplay consists of what UT players have seen before, where it's simply an sequence of deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and warfare contests populated with bots. There are a few extra and much appreciated presentation elements thrown in to make it feel more like a game, however. The single player campaign is broken up into chapters, each with shifting main goals. During the first part, or act if you want to call it that, you're rallying against the Axon Corporation in an attempt to steal their vehicles for use for the impending Necris battle. The second act kicks off with

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