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Download Windows XP SP3 RC from Microsoft


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Windows XP SP3 RC is available exclusively to over 15,000 testers via Microsoft Connect. The Redmond company is delivering all members of the beta testing program of XP SP3 with a script set up to introduce a registry key, that subsequently permits access to the Release Candidate of XP SP3.

Now you can get your hands on the first Release Candidate for Windows XP Service Pack . The fact of the matter is that a registry hack to access a testing build of Windows Vista SP1 debuted in mid October. Modifying the registry allowed Windows Vista users to grab the Beta of Service Pack 1 straight from the Microsoft Windows Updates servers. The same is now the case for Windows XP.

Well, the hack is nothing more, and nothing less than this script coming from Microsoft. Of course all participants in the beta testing process of Windows XP SP3 are under a strict non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft. But there are leaks, of course.All you have to do is play around with the registry.

You will be able to find the hack in question on WinFuture. Don't worry if you cannot speak German, it's not relevant in the least. Just copy the code that starts with "@echo off" into a text editor. It doesn't matter the name under which you save it, but what does matter is the extension. Save As "WinXPSP3RC.cmd" for example, but pay attention to the .CMD, and in notepad select the All Files option. Apply the hack; it may require a restart, and then just check for Updates. Under Custom updates you will be able to find Windows XP Build 2600.xpsp.071030-1537: Service Pack 3,namely the Release Candidate for XP SP3.

I recommend to do this on a Virtual PC.

Here are some Screenshots:






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Thanx n1nj4Lo :welcome:
Yeah, many thanks!

I've been looking for it for weeks :D

Sure thing you all are welcome, But the big thanks should go to google seeing that thats where I found it.. LoL

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=U...G=Google+Search, From there I went to neowin and got the link to the patch...

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