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  1. Tarun

    Forums upgraded

    4.0.x has been running super smooth for me. The background tasks when I first upgraded made it a bit slow. Just kept the site offline until they finished. Fast load times too.
  2. Considering this is the only post/topic that user has made, I would think it would be acceptable to delete the account since there have been no contributions. Thus, no content loss.
  3. Tarun

    Upgrade issues

    The reasons 4.0 was slow was because the background processes take up a lot while processing all sorts of data. That is, posts, threads, and all things that need to be updated to the new format. My site felt sluggish during the process too though I believe now it would perform much better.
  4. Sorry you're so upset that a memory optimizer does not in fact optimize memory or performance. In fact those programs do the exact opposite, they hurt performance. I have provided the links that have more than enough proof that these things only hurt your computers performance. Mark Russinovich is the maker of the Systernals Suite. This man knows so much about Windows and it's internals that Microsoft hired him to work for them because of the excellent work he has done. Memory optimization has been a long discussed topic, which has also had comprehensive research going into it. Mark is not the first to write an article about why these programs are garbage. But hey, it's your system and if you want to hurt the performance of your computer; by all means. Just don't say you weren't warned.
  5. I would recommend people pass this over and avoid it just like all the other garbageware RAM "optimizers". Per Mark Russinovich Source: http://www.windowsit...timization-hoax
  6. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/968279 You pretty much have to format and reinstall. Perfect reason not to use nLite/vLite.
  7. Been final for about a month now. No issues at all with it either.
  8. Would have been interesting to see avast in there.
  9. Tarun

    Can you beat me?

    I think I already have. http://tarun.mybrute.com/
  10. Oh cool, another doctor who fan. I saw that and I'm like OMG I use that avatar on another forum. :) So in the words of Christopher Ecclestons, 9th Doctor, "Fantastic"

  11. There's a link in a majority of them that says you can view in HD.
  12. Check UPnP settings in the router. Some old routers would crap out if you tried to use UPnP.
  13. Never really cared for this firewall. Found Comodo to be a lot better.
  14. Tarun

    Just for N1K

    Another one. http://z0r.de/?id=616 Edit: Correction, another two. Next is funnier. http://z0r.de/?id=617
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