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[U.K.] BOOT disc for Windows XP Home Edition please?


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Does anyone have/know where I can get a free BOOT disc for Windows XP Home Edition? I also need for it to have a formatting utility {so I can totally wipe my HDD} and a partitioning utility so I can partition my HDD after formatting.

I'm using a Packard Bell so it didn't come with a BOOT disc :(

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I want a disc that will allow for me to first, format my Hard Drive Disk (HDD), secondly, allow me to partition my Hard Drive Disk (HDD) into two virtual one's {like I currently have}, thirdly, allow me to install Windows XP Home Edition.

Packard Bell have a 'Recovery Boot Disk' in the support area of their customer area, but that's no help because:

A) I don't know what it does and there's no details saying specifically what it does

B) Even if it was of any use, it won't burn to my disc {I do have a DVD-R/RW writer}

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