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  1. I want a disc that will allow for me to first, format my Hard Drive Disk (HDD), secondly, allow me to partition my Hard Drive Disk (HDD) into two virtual one's {like I currently have}, thirdly, allow me to install Windows XP Home Edition. Packard Bell have a 'Recovery Boot Disk' in the support area of their customer area, but that's no help because: A) I don't know what it does and there's no details saying specifically what it does Even if it was of any use, it won't burn to my disc {I do have a DVD-R/RW writer}
  2. Does anyone have/know where I can get a free BOOT disc for Windows XP Home Edition? I also need for it to have a formatting utility {so I can totally wipe my HDD} and a partitioning utility so I can partition my HDD after formatting. I'm using a Packard Bell so it didn't come with a BOOT disc
  3. I, from personal experience, have noticed that Firefox is safer than Internet Explorer but the thing is: it's apparently more code friendly too, so how does Firefox get away with being safe and compatible with so many varieties of coding? And why does positioning properties work different between the two browsers?
  4. My place, previous to that just random InvisionFree boards. I miss not being able to come online and visit a nice active board
  5. Me likes. It is in-keeping with the new Vista packages
  6. Thanks, I have a Cable Webstar DPX100 modem which gives me the option of using either Ethernet or USB. I shall continue using Ethernet then. Thanks allot... Feel free to lock this topic.
  7. tut, I tried and post this earlier but y'all turned off for maintenance Anyway, I've uncovered some tips for getting a connection from YouTube tutorials and from the Netgear support forums. However, there is one last question I have (for the time being): Which would you recommend using to connect my modem directly to my PC... out of: USB 2.0 or Ethernet?
  8. That's proved very useful, thank you :thumbsup_anim: I wonder if anyone could provide tips on what to do if my computer doesn't connect to the internet after setting up the wiring and things for the Wireless router. I've got it working before (the internet for the PC whilst connected to Wireless router) but now it doesn't seem to want to work. Any tips?
  9. Heya everyone, granted I haven't been active here recently but I hope people won't begrudge me some assistance because of this {things have been hectic in life recently}... anyway, am here to ask if any of you know the AdminCP URL? My instruction manual says; www.routerlogin.net but this just takes me to a useless support page with no log in ...or... can one control the router another way? Router Model: WGT624 See, I've had this router for a few months (if not a year) and well, I guess these instructions are a little invalid.
  10. 109songs = 6.8hours ... not allot I guess--but enough.
  11. Dopey

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    Heya y'all, I signed up last night but didn't say much ...anyway, I like this site -- looks like a nice professional PC forum which is something new. Anyway, a little about me: I'm a webmaster, have been for about three quarters of a year; I love being a webmaster; I've been using forums since I were thirteen (I'm now 17); I know allot about IPB and IF especially; I know HTML and CSS; I have a high level of understanding about PCs; I'm currently studying general I.C.T at College, which covers all aspects of the PC (next year it'll be more specific); I'm a geek to be honest ; I'm from the U.K; ...I think that's enough to start with I may see you around.
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