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"Create a stronghold auto-log in cookie?" Option in ACP

Vishal Gupta

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Yea when my net goes down and I use my dialup backup I have to log in each time I visit wincert because my IP has changed.

But don't you guys have username and password saved, so you just need to click OK to login?

Anyway, that's two of you now which will find this option disabled very useful..

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Exactly. ;)

And I never faced this problem in any forum using IPB except this forum and Joejoe (I have disabled this option long time back there), so that means most of the IPB forums keep this option disabled bcoz there are many members using dial-up connections. :)


This option records the IP address too and when a user using dial-up gets disconnected, his IP address is also changed bcoz dial-up ISP don't provide static IP addresses. ;)

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