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Microsoft Teams AIO Silent

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Microsoft Teams is the name of a new, free and powerful platform developed by Microsoft to improve interaction, sharing, and collaboration among members of an organization or team. As you know, thanks to the availability of digital equipment today, people can work remotely and from home to their professional affairs and jobs. In this regard, a number of tools have been introduced and marketed to facilitate the process of remote work, including programs such as Trello and Slack, among which are the most popular. In the current situation, and given that many companies and organizations continue to work remotely, the use of these tools can greatly help in improving the process of activities, interaction and cooperation between members of companies. In this article, we are at your service by introducing the new and powerful Microsoft Thames software, which will play an important role in this field.

As one of the leaders in technology and innovations in the digital field, Microsoft recently introduced a tool called Microsoft Thames, which should be considered a serious competitor to Slack and similar services. With Microsoft Thames, collaboration in your digital organization will be much easier, and having multiple and professional features in this software eliminates the need for other similar tools. For example, if you are already working remotely in a single hub, you can use web-based services such as Skype, WhatsApp, ... for your conversations with other colleagues. With all these features, Microsoft Thames enables you to fulfill all your communications and corporate needs without the need for any similar tools and enjoy all its practical benefits for free.

Microsoft Teams features:

- Extensive facilities in the field of communications, voice and video conversations
- Ability to make private or group calls with other colleagues
- 10 GB of free space for the team provides 2 GB for the member
- Ability to create and manage office documents and share in real time with other members
- Integration with hundreds of different business applications such as Adobe products, OverNote, Terlo, and Crop
Ability to communicate with all members inside and outside the organization on the Internet


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Loop components now in channels

Stay in the flow of your work and keep your content synced with Loop components in channels. Now when you compose a post in a channel, you can easily co-create and collaborate with Loop components like tables, lists, progress trackers, and more. To learn more, see Send a loop component in a channel.

Screenshot showing loop components in Teams channels.

Improved search experience in chat and channels

With the new "find in channel" search button, you can easily search within a specific chat or channel and view the results in the right pane of the screen. This allows you to quickly glance at your search results alongside the channel or chat interface, without disrupting your workflow.

Search for and find specific content in the dedicated search bar in chat conversations.

Never miss a conversation

Easily follow up on missed calls with the new chat button in your activity feed. Just select the chat button to start a chat with the person you missed.

OneDrive app now in Teams

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