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[Forum Style] Country Flags


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N1K Posted Dec 3 2007, 12:33 PM

They look awesome mate!

If you have all of them I'll gladly replace the ones we have, at least for i-tab style..

BTW, I wan't that gadget of yours dribble.gif

Also how would it look to make 'em a bit bigger?

I have all the original Png of the country flags made by -Kol

I can create my own set, but they will look the same, so I use his flags (and I'm too lazy.. :D )

part of the term of use (..You may use these icons as avatars, signatures or display pictures on forums.) so you can use them on your forum.

the size in the first post is 30*30, in this post 32*32

if you want to try it just tell me the size you want and I will send you the file.

the thing you want is not a gadget for the Vista sidebar that most of peoples use here, but panel for the DS program (Desktop Sidebar) that I use since 2004.

in fact it two panel inside of a group panel, the first one is the slideshow panel who display an updated image from the web.

the second panel is the world clock plugin for the sidebar, with settings to go with my background image of flags that I made.

I use this sidebar because I can make a skin to match my desktop or a visual style or in this case an emulation of the Vista sidebar with his gadgets.

sending you the files will be wortless if you don't use DS.

may be I should post something in the software field about this program ....even upload my skins here at WinCert.



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N1K Posted Dec 5 2007, 01:06 PM

32x32 looks better, you can send them and I'll see if we can add them only for I-tab skin since I also like the ones Wolf made..

O.K then I will make them 32x32

N1K Posted Dec 5 2007, 01:07 PM

QUOTE (WolfX2 @ Dec 4 2007, 04:19 AM) *

well we could try that if you wanted tongue.gif

Sure, but that's a mod, we'll have to figure that out together..But you're not online very often, I can't catch you.. crying_anim02.gif

may be he fall in Love ! :throb: ^_^



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